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5 Reasons Not To Use Tinder While Travelling

Using dating applications can already be tricky in many parts of the world, yet using an app such as Tinder while you’re traveling outside your city is an entirely new dimension of “tricky”. There are so many reasons for people to explore dating in a different country, and I get it, you want to meet someone new, you dream of that exciting foreign date that may or may not turn into something, or maybe you just want to meet someone who gives you the local flavor of the place you’re going to and don’t mind the added romance. All of which I can resonate with, and would still agree on, expect for the dating app part. Getting to know someone while travelling is a good idea, using an app like Tinder, however; is not. Here are 5 reasons why:

It is Dangerous

This is the most obvious reason, you’re traveling to a new country, a place where you’ve never been before, and regardless of how much you know or don’t know about the culture of that place, there is a very big chance you don’t know what counts are right and what counts as wrong, what’s acceptable and what’s not. Under such circumstances, meeting a complete stranger based only on a picture is a bit dangerous. Things could go wrong, totally wrong. Them knowing ahead that you’re not from this part of the world is an added risk. You’re going to meet someone you don’t know, in a place you don’t know, it’s as if you’re asking for trouble.

It is a Waste of Time

It is literally a waste of time. The whole idea behind travelling is that you go to this new place to explore it and make the most of your time trying out new things and visiting new places. The time slot that you will dedicate for your date while getting ready, and the time you’ll waste spending a couple of hours with them, is a precious time that you could be using to explore and see new things and immerse yourself in the culture of the place, so that you make the most out of your trip, instead of spending it one-on-one with a complete stranger. When you’re travelling the last thing you want is a date, and even more a digitally arranged date that will probably end up being a disappointed.


Speaking of ending up being disappointed.  In general, it is safe to say that people on Tinder are not usually the same in real life, and even when not travelling, a date arranged through the app could end up being a real disappointment. Every country and every city is different, and to each rule, there is an exception. But when you’re travelling, you already have a very short window of time that you don’t want to waste “trying” or looking for that exception on the hopes that you’ll meet someone worthwhile. It is better to just save yourself the disappointment.

If it isn’t a Fling, it’s a Waste of Time!

When you go to a new country, to the person you will be dating, you are just a tourist passing by, so they won’t take you seriously for a date, that is of course unless you are hot and offer a good potential one night stand, however; if you are seeking a long lasting normal relationship out of that date, the higher probability is that it won’t work.  Long distance relationships can work if they are not based on that initial excitement of meeting someone from another country and “the getting to know each other” phase, because when that phase ends the relationship starts being jeopardized. By the time this phase ends, you will be living in a different place, and when that excitement disappears, the relationship will be harder to maintain. So it’s a waste of time on even a bigger level, you’re better off investing that time and effort into exploring somewhere new.

Being Hurt

There are a million reasons you can get hurt while using Tinder. Rejection, disappointments, getting frustrated or angry and getting abused and much more consequences are all risks that come into play when using the app. And while this is all maybe part of the game, and part of the thrill that comes with using it, however; taking those risks on a trip means you’re ruining it for yourself. You can enjoy your trip and have fun without risking the emotional damage. If you want the thrill, go sky diving, do extreme sports, go camping or you can even go explore volcanos, there are all kinds of fun travelling adventures, risks and thrills that you can go for in many destinations around the world, you don’t have to get yourself a heartbreak.

Go Old School!

I can see why people would want to get to meet someone in a new country or place they’re visiting; it’s one of my own travelling advice. Yet using Tinder is the wrong path to a right reason. If you want to meet the locals, go old school and meet people in all places. There are many ways that will ensure you meet the locals in a much safer and a lot less disappointing setting. You can start by renting an Airbn’b or even doing couch surfing, if you’re not sure how to do that I have a post that goes into details about accommodation. You can also become more open to meeting new people offline, go out to local bars and common places, make the effort to speak to people around you while you’re in these places. Ask the people who work in your hotel or motel where they go for lunch, or which bar do they hang out at night in, go there you’ll see the local spots in touristic areas. Try to enroll in local activities to meet the locals and not risk wasting your time without trying something new. Let’s say you’re in India, why not book a Yoga class and go to meet people there, you won’t waste your time on Tinder and there is a bigger possibility you come out of that class with a local friend. The possibilities are endless, so don’t burn yourself on that Tinder.

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