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10 Things Travel Taught Me – Benefits of Travel

Benefits of Travel

Most of us people love travel, no one will ever tell you that travelling of any kind will not add to you. It is a truth engraved in our genes and even in ancient philosophy, world history and cultures. Travelling for any purpose, of any kind and to any destination will leave you a changed human being. This planet that we live on is massive and we humans love exploring, and our surroundings, no matter how big they are, are nothing but a fraction of what you can explore and discover. I can think of so much more than just 10 benefits of travel, but here is what I think are the greatest rewards that travel left me with:

Be Humble and Tolerant

Whatever it is that you know about people and life, it will change, whatever you know about yourself, it will change. Just being in a new place and dealing with a different culture you instantly develop tolerance that you never thought you had within you. You will learn to accept things that you normally can’t or don’t accept in your usual surroundings. Travelling can be a very humbling experience when you get out of your comfort zone and understand that the world has much more than what you’re used to seeing. Understanding different cultures and being more tolerant and humble will also mean that you will become calmer, and a lot less stressed about things that you thought were set in stone. But they aren’t.

Know More

Even if you don’t make the effort to study, travelling will add to your knowledge. It’s surprising how you can learn a lot even if you just go to a nearby city. They say reading takes to you to new places, now imagine what you’ll know if you actually go to these new places. It doesn’t have to be history or science, even the common knowledge of the place you visit is an added value, every person you meet, behavior you see, incidents that happen, will teach you something. one of the greatest Benefits of Travel is to know and experience different things. You won’t know what it’s like to live in subzero temperature if you’ve never been to Russia or China, or know what it’s like to float in the Deadsea, or the thrill of being in a mountain in the heart of Nepal,  you’ll never know what it’s like to live out in the open desert if you’ve never been camping. Travel in knowing.

Live more, live longer

there are those who live and those who travel, when you travel, it always seems like time slows down, while time others spend in the routine daily life will pass quicker. I usually forget how I got home from work, cause doing routine things and repeating it over and over again makes you a kind of a zombie and time just fly without noticing. Ten days spent travelling don’t feel like ten days spent at your normal routine. It’s true that you get the same 24 hours a day when you travel, but the change, the wander and the experience and knowledge will make it seem a lot longer, on of the benefits of travel is that you don’t only live longer, but also you enjoy life to the fullest and make every minute of it counts. Travel more, Live more.

Appreciate the Little Things

Even if it’s just that comfy little mug that you’re used to sipping coffee from every morning, or walking barefoot and sleeping in your own bed. When you’ve lived the same day over and over and over, you tend to overlook little comforts, but travelling takes you away from them for a while, and you’ll appreciate so many things that you used to take for granted before, not only that but also you tend to be grateful to others, experiencing and expressing gratitude are key for connecting with other people

Meet New People

One of the best things about travelling is meeting new people, and expanding your circle. This is not only useful but it’s always a lot of fun. Meeting locals or other travelers will add flavor to your trips, locals will give you the best knowledge about the place you’re visiting and they might even help you out. While I find conversations with other travelers and sharing stories to expand my horizon and my outlook for new places to go and more things to do. You’ll be surprised of your capability to create new friendships no matter how old you are. When you are abroad you tend to connect more and closer to other people you meet, I do not exactly understand why! but it is true that best relationships or friendships happen while traveling, another great benefits of Travel is that you become global and not local.

Travel is good for Your Health

Not only for your mental wellbeing, but also even for your physical health. Especially if you travel to a place with good nature, clean food and opportunity to enhance your health. Depending on your destination, you may have the opportunity to walk, cycle, swim, hike or climb a mountain, even walking in the airport and it will always leave you healthier than before, except if you got Italy and eat pizza for breakfast and gelato for dinner :). Travelling is also beneficial for your mental health of course, taking frequent short breaks from your routine life will give boosts of energy every time you go back, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for a new adventure, Travel is healthy.

See from a New Prospective

Speaking of benefits of travel, Travelling makes you see life differently; it will change your point of view. You don’t know what you’ll see or whom you’ll meet, or how you’ll spend your days. The things you’ll when you venture outside your comfort zone will make you see life in a different light. Travelling will make you the sort of person who stops and appreciates what’s in front of them and not jump to a judgement or a conclusion based on what you already know. Because what you knew before you travel is not what you’ll know when you come back, Travel makes you see the bigger picture, you care not only for your surrounding events but events happening in other places. you will start connecting dots together, you will start understanding things you didn’t understand before, you will become well informed and aware of many topics, and that the real wealth you should invest in, travel make you think bigger.

Try New Things

Whether its new food, riding a bicycle in the city streets or jumping from a plane. If you don’t go somewhere new, you won’t find the opportunity to try something new. Travelling isn’t only a physical journey, it’s a journey of the senses, you’ll feel new things, know the taste of new things and appreciate new things. It takes courage to try something new, even if it’s just a different type of drink, you won’t even know if this courage is within you if you don’t try something new, trying new thing enrich your dictionary of experiences, the person evolution and growth is a sum of experiences, travel is what makes you grow by trying new things every single day while others are doing the same things every single day.

Learn More about Yourself

one of the benefits of travel is that knowing yourself. You’ll be surprised by yourself; you’ll discover things that you never know you had within you. You’ll put yourself to new tests, you will see if you truly can or can’t do things you always thought is easy to do. Travelling, especially if you travel solo, takes a lot of courage, it takes being clever about your choices and depending more on yourself. Travelling will show you what you’re truly made of. You will learn to take risks, you will explore your real potential and worth, you will challenge yourself every single day and that will grow you and makes you achieve your goals.

Go Home Richer than Before

With all of these benefits of travel, on your journey home, you’ll be fuller, more aware and a knowledgeable individual. You’ll be rich with life changing experiences, and with a newly found appetite. No matter where you go and no matter how much money you spend, you’ll come back from your trip rich with other things, priceless things that you’d have never been able to buy with money. you will be sharper, calmer, happier and above all traveller with tales few can tell. 

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