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6 Industry Secrets to Book Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights

Greece, Colombia, Iceland. There are 195 countries in the world and each of them offers a unique travel experience filled with culture, history, and tradition. So why don’t many of us pack up our bags and go? Money! Leaving the house whether it’s to go to the corner coffee store or halfway around the world needs money. Most of which we can’t afford to spend on an exotic vacation because of bills, responsibilities, and other adult stuff we wish we could ignore, but fear not future travelers, for I have found a way to cut down costs on what are usually the most expensive aspect of any trip accommodation and search for cheap flights:

  • The accommodation: (for accommodation you can check my other detailed blog)
  • Cheap Flights :

    plane tickets could go up to thousands of dollars depending on the location, date, etc. so I’ve put together all the things you need to know to buy cheap flights and plane tickets.

  1. Timing, timing, timing…

There’s two parts to this trick: one is when you book the actual ticket and the other is when you book the ticket for.

Tickets should be booked at least six weeks in advance; a study  conducted by the Airlines Reporting Corporation showed that passengers paid nearly 6% below the average fair when they booked their flights earlier.

Pro tip:

Only fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays because the same airline and route can cost you much more on other days which are considered ‘peak travel days’. Also, don’t fly in the afternoon because that’s the travel industry’s version of rush hour.

on public holidays, traveling 1 or 2 days prior to the holiday is about 20% to 30% higher fares than if you go on the same day of the public holiday, so avoid going before if you want more cheap flights

  1. Go incognito

Ever look for flights and then search again a few days later to see the prices hiked for the same exact flight? You’re not crazy; always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to see the lowest prices. Based on the cookies in your browser, prices increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched to scare you into booking your flights quickly, if you browse privately you are guaranteed to get a fresh fair price and raise your chance to get cheap flights


  1. Go anywhere and everywhere

Need a cheap vacation but don’t know where to go? Use flight search engines such as or AirFare Watchdog to get free alerts when prices to a certain destination fall or to get notifications on great deals being offered by airlines. Skyscanner lets you put ‘Everywhere’ as a destination and shows a list of the cheap flights available at the time, do not be afraid of one stop flights, best of my trips were in transit or stopping by a new city for short and sometimes long time, this would add a lot of fun to your journey and who doesnt like to stop by Rome for a nice gelato or have a nice walk in the streets of Paris.


  1. Find another airport

It may seem silly to find another airport if you know exactly where you want to go, but believe me, you can save a lot of money sometimes. Going to a nearby, less popular, airport, and then catching a bus or even a domestic flight from there may save you hundreds of dollars in the end and get really good deals for cheap flights


  1. Loyalty programs galore

Whether you’re a frequent traveller or someone who only travels once a year, it pays to sign up for loyalty programmes. Though the most common are credit card programmes which accumulate points with each purchase, there are many loyalty programmes offered directly from hotels and airlines. Travellers can then use these points to pay for flight tickets, hotels, car rentals, and much more.


  1. Search for one-way flights

It used to be that one-way flights were a waste of money because they usually cost almost 80% of the round-trip rate. That is no longer the case! Two one-way tickets to and from your destination may actually be cheaper than a round trip in some instances. This is especially true if you’re planning an extended vacay; many airlines hike up the round-trip price if you stay at the destination for more than 30 days.


7. Travel light (bonus tip)

The fact that you might have many stops going to a destination, you do not want to wait for your bags at every stop and surely not to keep carrying it around, specially if you want to explore these stops, hence i advice you to travel light, a carry on bag will be ideal, not only cause you will be more relaxed but also because most of budget airlines charge for the check-in bags that could increase the cost of the ticket significantly, so put this in mind and do research on your airlines maximum allowed free weight and do not exceed it if possible.

to conclude

When you combine all of these tricks to get cheap flights, you end up spending a lot less than you usually would directly booking a flight online or when using a travel agent. So now, there’s no excuse! Buy your cheap flights tickets, pack your bags, and go see the world! but before you do that do not forget to like my post 🙂

Because the rich experience of travelling the world shouldn’t leave you poor